Castle Hill Lady Grey Gin Review (Episode 296)

We taste another gin from the Castle Hill Distillery, this time it is their Lady Grey Gin.

The gin smells of Lady Grey Gin with little or no burn on the nose.

The nose as well as the taste is just like a cup of tea. It has an extremely interesting scent and taste and if you like tea drinks, we think you will love this gin.

It is extremely smooth and can be enjoyed neat.

When you add tonic the tea taste seems to be exaggerated making the drink with tonic quite different from drinking it neat. With tonic, this drink tastes just like iced tea and so if you like iced tea drinks, we are sure you will love this gin.

This gin is available in 20cl bottles as well as 70cl bottles, which means you can try out a small bottle with a smaller hit on your wallet or purse rather than forking out for a full bottle when you are not sure if you will or won’t enjoy it.

Having said that, we are sure if you don’t like it, someone in your family or friend circle will!

0:00 Start

0:51 The Nose – Neat

2:10 The Taste – Neat

5:07 The Nose – With Tonic

5:48 The Taste – With Tonic

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