Wine Tasting 101

Alamos Malbec Wine (Episode 246)

In this video, we taste an Argentinean Malbec, Alamos Malbec, available from the Majestic chain in the UK.

Looking at the wine in the glass, what a wonderful deep rich colour.

Here is a link to the wine on their website: –

On the nose, this wine is very jammy with layers of fruit.

Full-on cherry with smoky notes.

On tasting the wine reveals a full-on taste, a great mouthful, with a very good length.

This is excellent value at £8.99!




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Chateau Vieux Manoir Bordeaux (Episode 245)

We taste wine from perhaps the most famous wine area, after champagne – Bordeaux!

Doesn’t “Old House” sound so much better in French?

This wine is available in the UK from the Co-Op for the fantastic price of £7.00!

It can be found by following this link: –

( )

The wine in the glass has a fantastic rich garnet colour.

On the nose, the prominent smell is blackcurrant with a smoky note at the end.

The smell is incredibly inviting with the taste, not disappointing giving a rich, deep, and complex flavour.

Tannins are soft and the length of time the taste lasts is also particularly good!



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Mahi Pinot Noir (Episode 244)

We taste another wine from John’s shop – Czerwiks in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

This wine is priced at £29.99 in John’s shop and can be found with the following link: –

The wine produced is in Marlborough, New Zealand, more famous for its Sauvignon Blanc production.

John L felt the colour, although more translucent than a tawny port, had that brownish hue to it, whilst John M felt it has more of a raspberry juice colour to it!

On the nose, the wine smelt very typically of that Pinot Noir scent which we often refer to a forest floor type of smell.

John M also detected a smokiness to the nose – smell.

The wine starts off with quite a sharp and spicy taste and then becomes juicier and tastes more of raspberry juice.

For a wine that’s taste last for a reasonable time or put another way has a reasonable length, this wine is incredibly light and refreshing.



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Flor de Sao Jose – White Wine (Episode 241)

In this episode, we taste another great wine from Lusus Wines the specialist Portuguese Wine website.

Lusus have sent us some great wines and this one does not disappoint. This wine is made from 3 grapes, Arinto, Rabigato and Gouveio.

Produced in the Douro valley where Port is produced.

The wine’s nose or smell reminded us of a light Pinot Noir.

The taste didn’t exactly match the scent or nose and left the two John’s slightly stuck as to how to describe it.

We, therefore, asked Clair and Alexis the proprietors of the website, to drop us a quick video to explain which they kindly did and we embedded, as you can see, their video into this episode.

This is a lovely wine to explore with your taste buds!




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Tesco’s Finest Malbec (Episode 243)

In this episode, we taste Tesco’s Own Finest Range Argentinian Malbec.

To look at, this wine is a very deep garnet colour with John M seeing purple on the rim of the wine!

On the nose or to smell, the initial smell of plum and then onto blackcurrant.

Taste-wise the taste is remarkably like the nose and is genuinely nice.

The length could be longer however for the price this wine is good value.



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Review of Santa Julia Malbec Wine (Episode 240)

In this episode, we taste a Malbec from Argentina – Santa Julia Malbec.

A full-on scent or nose which resembles a Pinot Noir. John M managed to smell a rubber smell just like car tyres.

Taste-wise black cherries came through, it is very juicy and a nice texture.

The tannins are nicely balanced with the end taste being a bit more of an earthy taste with a hint of fresh pipe tobacco.

A great Malbec to try.




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Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (Episode 242)

In this episode, we taste one of the big names in the global wine industry and one of the best-known Sauvignon in the world from one of the best know Sauvignon Blanc areas in the world – Marlborough New Zealand – Oyster Bay!

This video was prompted by a friend who can only drink this Sauvignon Blanc as every other Sauvignon Blanc she tried gave her indigestion but, not Oyster Bay.

So, we thought we would find out just how smooth it was!

A great scent or nose with John M even smelling elderflower.

The taste is stereotypically Sauvignon Blanc. Delicious citrus flavour with some lychee flavour coming through with nice soft acidity.

At around £8.00 in the UK, this is a terrific value wine, if you like Sauvignon, you will like this!




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Tasting Monte Sao Sebastiao (Episode 239)

In this episode, we taste another great wine kindly sent to us by Lusus.

This wine, Monte Sao Sebastiao, looks great, smells great and tastes great!

John L for strange reason smells nuts on the nose!?

However, everyone else is more likely to get a doughy champagne type of smell with some apple fruit as well!

The note is not as dry as Champagne, but more rounded.

We reckon if you like Chablis you will love this wine and for the price is likely to be less than you would pay for a Chablis of this standard.

This is one of those special wines for a special occasion!

So special in fact John L gave it the highest score he has given a white wine so far in 2020!

The Wine is made from Rabigato and Gouveio grapes grown on old vines.

The wine has been aged in French Oak barrels for 6 months to achieve these perfectly balanced flavours.


You can find this wine at –

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Barefoot Pinot Grigio Review (Episode 238)

We taste and review one of the wines from one of the worlds biggest wine brands. We taste a Pinot Grigio from their range.

How will this very popular wine sold around the world hold up?

On the nose, it had a very prominent nose and John M felt the nose was more in keeping with the old classical style of Pinot Grigio.

Taste-wise the wine did not disappoint, tropical fruits including pineapple and reasonably complex.

Full of taste and very good value.


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Bathtub Gin (Episode 237)

We taste a very nice gin distilled in the South East of England, by Ableforth called Bathtub Gin.

The gin is named after the very old practice of topping gin bottles up with water and because of the height of the bottles, this was done in the Bathtub!

We did ask Ableforths where the somewhat unusual 43.3% alcohol content came from but they did not respond so the secret remains with them!





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