Barefoot Malbec (Episode 295)

We taste another Barefoot Wine from California in this episode the Barefoot Malbec.

On the colour, it is so dark a red that it is almost black.

On the nose, the scent really hits you and has a reasonable complexity to it.

There is blackcurrant, cherry, and eucalyptus in volumes.

On the taste, the cherry comes through, with an after taste of blackcurrants with a sweetness follow through.

The length is not terribly long, but this leaves you wanting to sip some more!

At £6.75 this is a fantastic bottle of wine giving exceptional value for money.

As far as pairing is concerned a nice mature cheddar would pair excellent pair.

As a Malbec one would not hesitate to suggest pairing with a steak.

The scores we gave was 83 and 80 which is an excellent score for a wine costing £6.75

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