Australia Wine

Yellow Tail Chardonnay (Episode 301)

In this episode, we continue our series on Chardonnays.

This episode’s wine is the Yellow Tail Chardonnay, made, of course, in Australia.

The colour is almost a golden colour with a slightly green hue.

The nose is quintessentially that of Chardonnay.

It smells of melon and John M also detected bananas, but he wasn’t sure why that was.

On further investigation, this smell, and taste is caused by a chemical compound called isoamyl acetate which is a by-product of yeasts during fermentation.

Cooler temperatures tend to enhance the amount of isoamyl acetate and therefore aromatic wines fermented in cooler climates are more likely to exhibit this taste and smell.

The mouthful has a nice creamy feel to it. The taste of melon comes through with a nice light acidic finish to it, which leaves a refreshing feel to the mouth.

John M suggests that you should try some Cashel Blue Cheese with this wine which he feels would be an ideal match.
For £7.00 a bottle this wine is exceptional value!

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