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Yellow Tail – Malbec (Episode 221 – Part 6)

We continued this episode of budget wines from supermarkets, in this part of the episode we taste a well-known brand – a Yellow Label Malbec.

This retails at £6.00 so like the rest of the wines in this episode is very affordable.

The nose or smell is predominantly of sweet blackcurrants and smells just great!

The wine was very smooth, rounded, nice balance with the tannins, quite a big taste, juicy and a good length.

This wine could well be enjoyed by a white wine drinker as well as a red wine drinker.


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Woodchurch Sparkling Rose (Episode 203 Part 2)

In part 2 of this episode, we taste a fantastic English Sparkling Rose from Woodchurch Winery.

This wine starts with a Strawberry flavour, it is sharp, refreshing without the acidity, then moves to some stone fruits flavour, onto the breadiness taste, just like champagne and then back to a strawberry flavour. John M also managed to get crispy green flavourings as well!

It is well worth a try give it a go here is the link to Woodchurch’s website: –



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Yellow Tail Merlot Wine Review (Episode 184)

In this video, we taste a Yellow Tail Merlot. This wine is available around the world is grown and produced in Australia. the winery is still run by the same family that started the business back in the 1950’s having emigrated from Sicily.

Priced at around £7.00 in UK supermarkets, it will be acceptable to most peoples pockets.

You must excuse John L’s schoolboy humour in this video but what is wine about if it is not about enjoyment!

This wine is ideal for those looking to add red wines to their list of wines to drink.

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