Seedlip Aromatic Alcohol Free Distilled Spirit (Episode 207 – Part 3) 4

In this episode, we taste Seedlip’s Alcohol-Free Distilled Spirits.

There are three versions Dry, Bitter and Aromatic.

In this the third part of the episode, we taste the Bitter version, neat, with Tonic Water and with Soda Water.

The colour and opaqueness of this drink when neat immediately reminded John L of a glass of Punch.

A combination of smokey incense and chocolate and, when tasted, these flavours follow through.

This was by far John M’s preferred out of the three. in fact, he actually said ” I never thought I would Wow about a non-alcoholic drink!

With tonic added it seemed to have more of a “Christmassy” taste with the smokey taste still coming through.

Finally with soda water added the small was still sophisticated, with the cloves, smokiness and chocolate still coming through.

Highly recommended!




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