Woodchurch Vineyard & Wine Tasting Visit (Episode 200)

In this video, I get the great pleasure to visit Graham and Donna Barbour and find out all about their fantastic venture into the world of winemaking.

I discovered their wine when interviewing Sara and Becky at Elizabeth Rose Wines and was so impressed with their Classic Cuvee sparkling wine that I ask to pop down to see them so I could discover more!

I visited the vineyard right in the middle of grape picking so a very busy time for Graham and Donna.

Graham explains their journey into winemaking from a completely different career path starting back in 2009.

Graham explains how they decided what variety of grapes to grow and then goes onto explain how to know when to pick the grapes besides, lots, lots more.

While there I was excited to taste three wines with Graham – their Blanc de Blanc, their Chardonnay and their very special limited Pinot Noir edition.

I really enjoyed this visit I hope you enjoy the video!

Take a look at their website where you can order their wines directly from the “Cellar Door”




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Tasting a Chardonnay from Aldi (Episode 69 Part 3)

In the last part of this episode, we taste a limited bottled Argentinian chardonnay from Aldi.

So how did it compare with the Chardonnays from Sainsburys and Marks & Spencer?

And we discuss with cheeses you would pair with each of the three wines from this episode.



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Chardonnay from Marks & Spencer (Episode 69 Part 2)

In this part of the episode, we taste a fantastic oaked Chardonnay from California.

It is available from Marks and Spencer and what a fantastic example of an oaked chardonnay it is – with a subtle taste of Beurre Noisette.


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Tasting a Chilean Chardonnay (Episode 69 Part 1)

In the first part of this episode, we taste a great Chardonnay from Chile. The wine emanates from a winery founded in 1870 and is sold under the UK retailer Sainsbury’s own “Taste the Difference” label.

So what did we think of this wine.. take a look and see


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Tasting Chardonnay Wine (Episode 69 Introduction)

We taste three great Chardonnays in this Episode, one from Chile, Argentina and California.

In this season we have changed the format slightly and are tasting wines available in Supermarkets in the UK for those of you who do not have a local independent retailer to visit or get advice from.

We start with a Chardonnay from Sainsburys, Marks and Spencer and Aldi.


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Tasting a Californian Riesling (Episode57 Part 3)

In the last part of this episode, we taste a fantastic Riesling. The first Riesling John and I have tasted that emanated from California.

The taste buds really enjoyed this delicious wine!

#57 Part 3

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Tasting a Chardonnay from California (Episode57 Part 2)

In Part 2 of this episode, we taste a Chardonnay all the way from sunny California.
This wine is also from the Wente vineyard near San Francisco Bay and is called “Morning Fog Chardonnay”, one can almost see the fog in amongst the vines!
If you’ve given up on Chardonnay give this one a try it might change your mind.


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#57 Part 2

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