Oyster Bay Chardonnay (Episode 307)

In this episode, we continue our series on Chardonnay wines with a chardonnay from New Zealand, from a vineyard better known for it’s Sauvignon Blanc – Oyster Bay Chardonnay!

On the colour this wine is very inviting, it is quite rich with a hint of green.

On the nose, it has that creamy buttery smell with a hint of vanilla! Taste-wise the wine does not disappoint it is very nice indeed and the length is very reasonable.

The cost of this bottle at the time of filming was £9.50 but it is a bottle you could sit down with on your own and enjoy all the tastes it has to offer.

Alternatively drinking this with something like a fish pie or alongside a Cashel Blue cheese.

John M was so impressed he scored this at 89!

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