Tesco Macon Villages (Episode 305)

We taste yet another Chardonnay in our series of reviews on Chardonnay.

This chardonnay is Tesco’s own Macon-Villages Chardonnay.

Not everyone realises that Macon Village is also made from Chardonnay grapes as well as Chablis.

It is made in the south of the Burgundy region of France. French wine, because of it’s international reputation for fine wines, is normally more expensive than equivalent wines from other countries, but on this occasion, this wine is for sale in Tesco’s for only £6.50!

The colour is noticeably light and not as buttery as many chardonnays, it is a straw colour with a slight green hue to it.
Likewise on the nose is also very light and smells more like Sauvignon Blanc than Chardonnay, although this is not necessarily a terrible thing.

Taste-wise the wine reminds John L more of a Sauvignon Blanc than a Chardonnay.

The acidity was quite high and there was not the richness or roundness you would normally associate with Chardonnay.

There were tastes of peaches and stone fruit, but the length of the taste was relatively short.

We concluded that we had tasted better wines for less money and certainly we had tasted much better wine for relatively little extra cost.

In fact, John M only scored this wine at 62, which may well have been the lowest score he has ever given a wine on our channel.

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