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Most Wanted Chardonnay Wine Review (Episode 304)

In this episode, we taste another Chardonnay, this time from Australia.

The Most Wanted Brand of Wines buys their wines from wherever they feel they can get the best quality at competitive prices which translates in this case to a bottle of chardonnay at £5.50 in the UK at the time of recording.

There is a straw colour to the wine with a nice hint of green.
The nose is very buttery, a little too buttery for John L, but obviously that might not be reflected in the taste. John M, however, detected melons and peaches.

Taste-wise both Johns immediately tasted melon and then peaches.

John M was a little disappointed with the length (the time the taste lasted)

This made it an ideal bottle of wine to share with friends when you were concentrating on the conservation rather than just sitting on your own concentrating on the glass of wine you have in front of you.

At £5.50 it is certainly worth trying – let us have your comments below as to whether you agree with our opinion.


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