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19 Crimes Chardonnay (Episode 302)

In this episode we continue our reviews of Chardonnays, this time we taste a wine from the 19 Crimes label.

The colour is a very delicate straw colour, perhaps a little paler than most of the other chardonnays we have reviewed so far. It does however still have that green hue hint in it’s colour that several of the other chardonnays we have tasted exhibited.

The nose is very delicate, but one can detect melon and peachy scents with a slight honey note.

Initially the taste is very delicate, but afterwards the stereotypical chardonnay taste comes through.

It has a very refined chardonnay taste and as such may be of interest to somebody “who went off” Chardonnay because it became too rich and buttery.

For £7.00 this wine hits the exceptional value classification!

 This wine would stand alone, and you would not necessarily need to eat with the wine.

John M, who normally recommends a blue cheese with
Chardonnay feels this chardonnay requires something just a little lighter in taste such as Ossau-iraty Cheese from the French Pyrenees or perhaps more easily available would be the Port Salut Cheese which is available in many supermarkets.

In terms of meals John M thought this wine would go best with fish dishes and anti-pasto.

The two scores for this wine were quite close with John L scoring the wine 79 and John M scoring the wine 81.

To sum up an exceptional bottle of wine for £7.00!

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