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SL’M’s La Rossa – The Dieter’s Wine? (Episode 291)

In this episode, we continue our series on SL’M wines.

This time we taste and review SL’M’s La Rossa Wine.

This wine, produced from Merlot and Barbera grapes, has zero carbohydrates and no added sugar which makes it ideal for those of us trying to watch our waistline!

On the nose, there is lots of fruit, strawberry and red fruits come through.

It has a very light taste, we felt it might even taste better chilled, which is why we added some argon gas using the Winesave Pro, put the bottle in the fridge following our first recording and then tasted and reviewed it chilled the following week, which we added to the end of this review.

In terms of pairing, we felt this would pair well with a light salad which you would probably be eating if you were on a diet anyway!

As far as scoring was concerned when not chilled, we scored this wine sixty-eight and sixty-nine. When we reviewed the wine after it had been chilled, we found it had a much “jammier” smell.

Overall, the nose was far better than served at room temperature.

Taste-wise it also did not disappoint; we were extremely impressed with the fantastic improvement when chilled.

This wine would be an ideal first step into red wine for someone who only likes white wine at the moment.

The scores reflected this with an increase of ten to seventy-eight and seventy-nine!

The improvement that chilling the wine made surprised us, we expected it to reduce the flavours do not bring them to life.

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