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Aldi Australian Shiraz – Revisited (Episode 206 – Part 1)

Shiraz is the signature grape for Australia, so we are expecting great things.

This particular Australian Shiraz is from Aldi’s own Exquisite range and costs at the time of writing £5.70p.

John M managed to smell Cherry, eucalyptus, chocolate and coffee on the nose while John M only managed to smell cherry!

John M, however, was not able to get anything but the cherry on the taste and so was left slightly disappointed.

He, was, however, impressed by the balance of tannins in this wine.

John L felt this wine would be a good introduction to Shiraz for those that did not like their reds too powerful.


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Lusus (Portuguese) Wines Interview (Episode 201)

We have the great pleasure of interviewing Alexis and Claire a husband and wife team who have just set up their new venture Lusus Wines.

Luses Wines only sells Portuguese Wine from vineyards hand-picked (s to speak) by Alexis and Claire.

Many of the wines they offer are from small artisan vineyards where an inordinate amount of care and pride goes into producing some of the best wine to come out of Portugal.


Included in the Lusus catalogue is wine from Quinta da Casaboa who we interviewed in Episode 174 ( and 196 (

We discuss what prompted Alexis and Claire to start this new venture, how they selected the wines they are now selling as well as many other subjects.


Find out more about the wines Lusus offer at their website


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Barossa Ink Australian Shiraz Review (Episode 198 – Part 3)

In the last part of this episode, we taste an Australian Shiraz, available at the time of writing for £8.00p.

Given that Shiraz is the signature grape of Australia we are expecting this particular wine to be the most powerful of the three tasted in this episode.

The mouthfeel of this wine is so silky and velvety.

John M was slightly disappointed that the tannins were not very strong.

John L however really enjoyed this Shiraz as he doesn’t like tannins as much as John M.

The main flavour is black cherry with a small amount of blackcurrant coming through.

The tannins were much milder than was expected by John M.




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Tesco Finest Chilean Shiraz (Episode 198 Part 2)

In the second part of this episode, we taste a Chilean Shiraz (Limari Valley)from Tesco’s Finest range which at the time of writing cost £8.00

On the nose, it obviously smells of blackcurrant and also has a hint of eucalyptus.

On the palate, the blackcurrant can only just be found as most of the flavour is full of cherry.
Great value give one a try!




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Boschendal 2017 South African Shiraz (Episode 198 – Part 1)

In this episode, we taste some Shiraz from South Africa, Chile and Australia.

In this, the first part of the episode, we taste a Shiraz from South Africa – Boschendal 2017

This wine was purchased from Tesco at £7.50

This Shiraz has cherry and blackcurrant flavours. also surprisingly for John M, there are also Strawberry flavours.

John M feels this particular wine would be a good introduction to Shiraz for those who have not tried it before or those who have tried it before and found it to be a little too heavy.


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Tim Atkin – Master of Wine – discusses Ribera del Duero & Beginning your Wine Journey (Episode 197)

Winemastery has the great honour of interviewing another Master of Wine Mr Tim Atkin.
Tim gave a master class in Ribera del Duero wines in Manchester recently and kindly agreed to be interviewed by WineMastery to offer advice to you on Ribera del Duero and beginning your wine journey.

Tim explains the similarities and differences with other Spanish wines such as Rioja.

He also explains the different qualities of wine available form the region and what to look for when buying,

He explains why he believes that even the layman can appreciate good quality wine, as well as how visiting wine regions can enhance your appreciation of wines from that area.



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House of Wines – Portugal (Episode 196 Part 4)

In this part of this episode, we talk to Filipa and José from House of Wines –

We have a fascinating discussion about their wine and Portuguese wine in general.

If you are ever in Portugal – well worth trying to find out this wine!



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Ervideira Vineyard – Interview (Episode 196 Part 3)

In this part of the episode, we visit the Ervideira vineyard and talk to one of the owners who is the vineyard’s winemaker.

He begins by explaining the history of his family’s vineyard – he is one of the fourth generation now running the vineyard.

They have a fantastic range of 25 wines which are all top-flight – they focus on quality rather than volume.

They also have quirky wines such as the 30,000 bottles wines that are stored underwater at a depth of around 30m in Portugal’s and Europes largest lake which, when you compare to exactly the same wine stored above water, taste significantly different.






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Woodchurch Pinot Noir Tasting (Episode 203 – Part 1)

In this first part of our episode on Woodchurch Wines, we taste their 2018 Pinot Noir.

There is a link to the interview with Graham at Woodchurch Wines where we also taste this wine. John L was so impressed with this wine, that not only did he ask Graham if it could be one of the wines I brought back with me for John to try, I also purchased a case for myself!

This Pinot Noir is lighter and fresher than a typical Pinot Noir but absolutely bursting with flavour.

John M totally understood why John L was so impressed by this Pinot Noir. In addition to the balance and taste of the wine, he felt it had one of the best Tannin balances he had ever tasted.

There were only 950 bottles of this wine produced so you need to act quickly if you are to stand any chance of buying some – take a look at the Vineyard’s website to see if they still have some in stock! (This wine is available from 30 November 2019)

Here is the link: –




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Woodchurch Vineyard & Wine Tasting Visit (Episode 200)

In this video, I get the great pleasure to visit Graham and Donna Barbour and find out all about their fantastic venture into the world of winemaking.

I discovered their wine when interviewing Sara and Becky at Elizabeth Rose Wines and was so impressed with their Classic Cuvee sparkling wine that I ask to pop down to see them so I could discover more!

I visited the vineyard right in the middle of grape picking so a very busy time for Graham and Donna.

Graham explains their journey into winemaking from a completely different career path starting back in 2009.

Graham explains how they decided what variety of grapes to grow and then goes onto explain how to know when to pick the grapes besides, lots, lots more.

While there I was excited to taste three wines with Graham – their Blanc de Blanc, their Chardonnay and their very special limited Pinot Noir edition.

I really enjoyed this visit I hope you enjoy the video!

Take a look at their website where you can order their wines directly from the “Cellar Door”




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