Villa Maria Chardonnay (Episode 294)

We begin our mini-series focussing on Chardonnays with this Chardonnay from Villa Maria on the East Coast of New Zealand.

The colour of the wine is a nice hay colour with a hint of green.

On the nose, the scent is typical for a chardonnay.

It has a great peach scent with a touch of marzipan and a buttery undertone.

The wine has a great mouthfeel, with an exceptionally smooth silky feel to it.

This is a genuinely nice example of a chardonnay.

Many people went off chardonnays as they became too heavily oaked, but chardonnay is now going through a little renaissance and if you are one of those people that used the expression ABC (“Anything But Chardonnay”) this may well surprise you It is well worth taking a chance on especially as it only retails at between £8.50 and £10 in the UK.

We would pair this with fish or John L felt it would really pair with a fish pie.

For white wine, it has a reasonable length without being too cloyey – it is extremely well balanced. John M was very well impressed with this wine and gave it a well-deserved score of 85.

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