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Jam Shed Malbec Wine Review (Episode 292)

This episode is in response to a viewer, @cricket4ever, who asked the question what the difference between a Jam Shed Malbec and a Jam Shed Shiraz is.

We had not tasted the Jam Shed Malbec and so to answer this question we thought we would produce this review of a Jam Shed Malbec.

The colour is a deep garnet with hardly any light visible when you hold the glass up to the light.

On the nose the scent that comes of is delightful, it has a plumy and underlying sweetness smell, compared to the Jam Shed Shiraz which exhibited more of a black currant smell and taste.

The taste follows through on the smell, with the sweetness and the plum flavour, with just a hint of blackcurrant.

The wine also has a little smokiness right at the end of the tasting.

The wine was of course jammy in taste as it’s name suggests.

The tannins are very light and the fact that it is sweet may make this wine a great introduction to red wine for those trying to expand their wine repertoire and add red wine to those white wines that they already like.

John M felt something like a burger would pair with this wine and he also recommended trying Lincolnshire Poacher Cheddar.

John M had felt that the Jam Shed Shiraz was a little too sweet for him to drink too much of this wine in one go, however, he felt the Malbec version was perhaps more quaffable.

Both John’s really liked this wine and for £7.00 it is a fantastic wine.

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1:26 The Colour

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