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Gran Familia Rioja (Episode 223)

In this video, we taste a Rioja kindly donated to us by Anna.

This particular Rioja is a Gran Familia Rioja (more details can be found at ). This is a great introduction to Rioja if you are not onto too heavy tasting style wines.

This Rioja is very light for a Rioja and not as full-bodied as you might expect from a Rioja.

It is very refreshing and might even take a chill.


This wine is available from the Co-Op in the UK.


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Tesco Finest Chilean Shiraz (Episode 198 Part 2)

In the second part of this episode, we taste a Chilean Shiraz (Limari Valley)from Tesco’s Finest range which at the time of writing cost £8.00

On the nose, it obviously smells of blackcurrant and also has a hint of eucalyptus.

On the palate, the blackcurrant can only just be found as most of the flavour is full of cherry.
Great value give one a try!




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