Argentinian Wine

Supermarket Argentine Malbecs (Episode 145)

In this episode, we taste yet another Malbec from Argentina. This time we taste two supermarket’s Argentinean Malbecs – one from Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference and the other from Tesco’s Finest range.

The first one tasted was Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference – when we first “sniffed” this particular Malbec it didn’t give up much, but on the taste, it was much better. Blackberries and great balance with the tannins.

Whilst the colour wasn’t quite as vibrant and the “sniff” was very similar to Sainsbury’s it too surprised us with how good the balance of this wine was. Great Balance more red fruits than the Sainsbury’s Malbec but just as well balanced on the tannins as Sainsbury’s.


Tesco Finest Argentine MalbecSainsburys Taste Difference Argentine Malbec

Tesco’s Malbec was, at time of publishing this video available on this link for £8.00

Sainsburys Malbec was, at time of publishing this video, available on this link for £8.50 Sainsburys Mabec reviewed in video
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BeefSteak Club Shiraz (Episode143)

In this episode, we taste a wine John L thought he had enjoyed at a restaurant a few weeks before recording this episode. John L wanted to see how much different the wine tasted outside the context of a convivial Sunday Lunch with Friends in the cold light of the day (or perhaps cold light of the cellar would be more appropriate)

Little did he know at the time of recording that the wine was bound to taste different as the wine he had tasted at the restaurant was a Malbec and the wine he and John were tasting in the cellar was a Shiraz?

Can you spot the confused look on his face as he begins to taste it?

On the nose, the small was one of a herbaceous smell rather than a fruity taste.

The taste too, had little fruit flavour, with the taste being once again more herbal.

A really nice taste, very easy to drink which at 14.5% alcohol content could be slightly dangerous!

John M could detect mint and whilst other flavours were present we were unable to identify them.





Beef Steak Club Shiraz


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Finco Los Altepes Argentine Malbec (Episode 132 Part 4)

This part of the episode was shot a few weeks after we tasted the wines in parts 1, 2 and three. Whilst the first three in this episode were very nice they did not hit our high expectations for Argentine we decided to splash out a little more than normal and purchased this £27 bottle of Argentine Malbec to see if the price made a difference.

Take a look at the video to find out what we thought of it.

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Trivento Argentina Mendoza Malbec (Episode 132 Part 3)

In this final part of our episode on tasting Argentine Malbec, we taste a bottle of Trivento Malbec again from the Mendoza region which is available from Tescos priced at £8.00.

The nose again smells more like a Pinot Noir than a Malbec, on the taste however the flavour is more Malbec with a red cherry order. We consider the tannins to be a little too heavy and therefore slightly unbalanced.

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D V Cantena Argentine Malbec 2015 (Episode 132 Part 1)

In this episode, we taste three Malbecs from Argentina available on the high street in the UK.

In the first part of this episode, we taste a D. V. Cantina Malbec which is available from Sainsbury’s at a cost of £10 a bottle.

A nice bright wine, with cherries on the nose (smell) and cherries on the tongue with well-balanced tannins.




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Asda Argentine Mendoza Malbec (Episode 132 Part 2)

In the 2nd part of this episode, we taste our 2nd malbec from Argentina.

This bottle is from Asda’s extra special range, priced at £6.00 and again from the Mendoza region of Argentina.

On the nose, the wine had a very light aroma and John M thought it resembled a Pinot Noir aroma rather than a Malbec.

The taste was, however, was far better, although a lot lighter in taste, than the Malbec tasted in part 1 of this episode.

John M did not think the taste is one you would normally expect from a Malbec.


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Tasting a Sainsbury’s Melbec (Episode 84 – Part 3)

In part 3 of this episode, we taste another Malbec, but this time from Argentina.

Malbec is a signature grape of Argentina so our hopes were high that this wine would prove to be the best of the batch – was it?

More plum on the nose and in the taste.

It certainly has more length than the those tasted in part 1 and 2. It also tasted a little more than like a “typical” Malbec



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Tasting Tesco, M&S & Sainsbury Malbec (Episode 84 Introduction)

We introduce this episode where we taste some Malbec from 3 supermarkets, namely Marks and Spencer, Tesco and the mystery Malbec from Sainsbury’s!

Which will, in our opinion, taste the best and which will be the best value for money take a look at the episode to find out…

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Tasting Sainsbury’s Cabernet Sauvignon (Episode 83 Part 4)

In the last part of this episode where we taste a very nice Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon from Marks and Spencer.
Full of fruit; blackcurrant and strawberry, very “jammy” and our favourite of the four tasted in this episode.

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