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Trivento Private Reserve Malbec (Episode 344)

In this episode, we review the Trivento Private Reserve Malbec at the suggestion of one of our viewers – RicoUK74.

RicoUK74 commented on our episode (Episode Number 279) reviewing the Trivento’s Grand Reserve Malbec that we should try their Private Reserve which he felt was even better.

How could we refuse?!

So, priced at £10:00 in the UK instead of the £8:00 charged for the Grand Reserve, is the Private Reserve worth the extra £2:00?

The wine has a purple rim at the edge of the glass and deep red colour in the centre of the glass.

The wine has floral notes on the nose together with dark cherry notes and a slight spicy note.

On the taste, the tannins and fruit are very well balanced indeed!

The taste of cheery comes through followed by a spiciness or pepperiness.

There may even be a hint of chocolate. It is a fascinating wine to taste, and the length is excellent.

0:00 Introduction
1:19 Price
1:42 The Colour
2:15 The Nose
3:41 The Taste
7:37 Pairing
8:52 The Score

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