Argentine wine

Buenas Vides White Malbec (Episode 300)

In this episode, we taste a wine that neither Johns had tasted before.

This wine is a White Malbec!

It Is available from Aldo and is called Buenas Vides White Malbec available at the steal price of £6.99

Having not tasted this wine before the Johns did not know what to expect.

On the nose, the wine smelt to us of stone fruits even though the label suggested we should be smelling and tasting Red Fruits and Currants.

On tasting the wine both johns detected stone fruits again and with a predominant taste of peach.

The taste also had a touch of a floral taste added to which the mouthfeel was really great.

This wine really impressed both Johns and they thoroughly enjoyed it to the point where they would not hesitate to recommend it.

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