Barefoot White Zinfandel Wine Review (Episode 284)

In this episode, we taste a Barefoot White Zinfandel which is one of the top 10 most popular wines consumed in the UK.

This an ideal wine if you like your wine a little sweeter.

It is also ideal for a hot summer afternoon in terms of it being low in alcohol and light.

With lockdown about to end, we expect lots of garden parties to get underway and this will be a strong candidate for a nice warm afternoon.

Especially at it’s extremely competitive price of £6.75!

Both John’s prefer their wine not so sweet and so Barefoot White Zinfandel wine would not be their first choice.

The wine has an excellent bright and exuberant salmon colour.

On the nose, the wine had a very delicate smell of strawberries.

On the palate, the wine exceeded both John’s expectations with a genuinely nice strawberry flavour.

At only 8% John M had expected it to be a lot sweeter than it revealed itself to be.

Both Johns totally understand how someone who likes sweeter wine would love this, as obviously thousands and thousands of people do, making this one of the UK’s top-selling wines in the UK.

Both Johns found it difficult to give a score to the wine, given it is not their preferred style of wine and both wanted to make sure they did not reduce the score unfairly because of this.

Their score was remarkably similar, coming in at 78 and 76.

In terms of what to nibble with this wine, John M suggested pairing a soft or mild-tasting Brie such as Somerset Brie.

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