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Yellow Tail Shiraz One of the UK’s most Popular Wines (Episode 285)

This episode we taste one of the top ten (by volume) wines sold into the UK , Yellow Tail Shiraz.

This wine produced in Australia is available around the globe.

The colour is a very deep red with, and the nose is not what one would expect from a Shiraz.

Although having said that the nose or smell of the wine is very pleasant indeed and just because it does not smell like one would expect a shiraz to, it is in no way a detrimental comment about the wine.

John M detected blackcurrants on the nose while John L detected some red fruit but couldn’t narrow it down to a particular fruit.

On the palate the taste surprised John L as it was much softer than he expected it to be very rounded in texture and without the pepper he would normally expect from a shiraz.

John M felt it was a tad too sweet for his personal taste, but he thought the tannins were well balanced and he detected a hint of a tobacco taste.

John L felt if you ignore that it is a Shiraz and do not judge it as such, the wine had a great taste, and a great balance of fruit, tannins and alcohol.

John M would pair this with some Caerphilly Cheese

Both Johns agreed that this wine would most likely pair with some nice sticky ribs!

With a score of 72 from John M and a 77 from John L the wine is worth trying and both Johns agreed that many people will enjoy this wine.

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