SL’M 450 Cuvee – Diet Wine Review (Episode 293)

This one is also made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Italy.

This is a great wine if you are on a diet especially Keto or carb-free diet, as it has no carbs and no added sugar.

The colour is a gorgeous pink colour!!

On the nose, it has a very delicate smell. It reminded John of a sweety he used to enjoy as a child.

It has a very light taste, ideal for one of those warm or hot days/evenings, especially if you are on a diet!

At £12.99 this wine is extremely excellent value for money.

If you were to drink this wine while eating it would probably be best with simple food like poached or grilled fish.

In terms of cheese, try something like White Cheshire Cheese.

0:00 Start

1:10 The Colour

2:22 The Nose

3:12 The Taste

6:15 The Pairing

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