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Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin (Episode 189)

In this episode, we taste a Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin.


On the nose, the gin smells very minty and very delicate on the taste.

With tonic, the taste continues to be very delicate, so ideal for those of you that don’t like that big dry juniper taste this gin will probably suit you.


Find out more about this gin from the distillery’s website at

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Masham Chocolate Malt Barley (Episode 185 Part 3)

We were privileged and excited to be joined by another YouTuber – Annabell from the WineScribble channel.

Take a look at Annabell’s fantastic channel at WineScribble

Whilst in the UK Annabell honoured with a visit to our cellar and we took the opportunity to invite Annabell to taste to some craft gin from the Masham Distillery.


The gin we were tasting was Masham Gin Distillery Chocolate Barley Gin. The gin gets it’s name from the barley which has been roasted causing it’s “skin” to go a chocolate colour.

This is another fantastic unique gin from the Masham Gin Distillery stable and if you like subtle and unique flavours this gin is the way to go. Like all of Mashams gins this gin is smooth, rounded and even at 42% allows you to taste the different flavours that all go to make up it’s complexity.

In fact, all three of us preferred drinking it neat, as whilst obviously, the tonic made it into a long drink, but the tonic masked some of the flavours.

Even Annabell was impressed!


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Masham Masla Chia Gin (Episode 185 Part 2)


In this episode, John and I taste another fantastic gin from the Spirit of Masham Distillery. This time we taste the first gin ever developed by them, their Masala Chia Gin. This gin really is unique and separates itself from the rest of the market because of it’s unique flavour profile.

It’s tastes are soft and rounded even though it is 42% ABV meaning it can easily be enjoyed neat with maybe a chunk or two of ice.

If you are looking for something different this is the gin to try.

In the video we cover the flavours that we can uncover, but can you detect any others – let us know via the comments box or via email.

For more information on the distillery, this gin and all of it’s other products go to

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Masham Classic Gin Review (Episode 185 Part 1)

Following on from John L’s visit to Masham Gin distillery and his interview with Derek, the two Johns settle down in the cellar to taste the Masham Gin’s Classic Gin.

This is a very smooth and subtly different from other craft gins we have tasted – what can we say, a brilliant gin.

With tonic added the drink has a wonderful effect of you first tasting the tonic and then the gin taste follows on later almost as if you have sipped two separate drinks one after the other.


Details of Masham Distillery can be found at: –

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Locksley Old Tom Gins (Episode 161 – Part 3)

In the third part of this episode, we taste three fantastic quirky Old Tom Gins from Locksley Distilling Company. The first is a Raspberry and Cardaman gin which is made up of Sir Robin of Locksley Gin infused with around 30 raspberries per bottle and then through a separate distillation of cardamom is added.
On the nose, the gin smells very sweet, maybe too sweet for John L’s tastes, but when tasted it was spot on.
With tonic added the drink became lighter and more refreshing.

The next liqueur gin we taste is Cynthia’s take on her Grandmother’s homemade Lemoncello. In homage, she has produced with John, her very special version made with Moro blood oranges.
This liqueur comes in at 27.1%, has a beautiful orange smell. The zest of the orange peel shines through and on the palate it does not it tastes fantastic, they only criticism that John M could come up with was that it would be far far too easy to drink!

Last but not least we tasted another Navy Strength Gin, 57.1%, that has been barrel-aged in a Banyuls cask. (Banyuls is a French dessert wine produced near the Pyrenees) There are only 300 bottles of this produced. The taste is very very special and deserves the respect of being sipped to enjoy all it has to give.



Find out more about Locksley Distilling gins at: –

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Locksley Distilling Dry Gins (Episode 161 – Part 2)

In this episode, we taste some more fantastic dry gins, this time from the Locksley Distilling Company, the Sir Robin of Locksley Gin and their VSOT – Navy Strength, Old Tom Gin.
The Sir Robin of Locksley Gin sits somewhere in between an Old Tom Gin and a Dry Gin in sweetness terms and very nice it is too.
The gin was deliciously smooth when drunk neat and makes a very refreshing G&T.
The VSOT, at 57.5% is a beast of a Gin but still manages to be fantastically smooth and full of exciting flavours. The VSOT was so delicious neat that we both thought we would not enjoy it as much with tonic, but we were both wrong! We both enjoyed the G&T version just as much, this really is one to try if you have not already.





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Zing 72 Gin (Episode 180)

In this episode, we go a little further outside of our recent boundary of Yorkshire in the UK to France to taste Zing 72 Gin

72 comes from the 72 hours (3 days) maceration process used to create this Gin.

The gin uses 6 Provencal botanicals,

We let you know what we think of it in our video.

Take a look.

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Spirit of Masham – House Cocktail (Episode 178)

The Spirit of Masham proprietor and distiller Derek Harle takes us through how to make their Dry Martini House Cocktail.

Add 50ml of Marsala Spirit of Masham Gin to a cocktail Shaker
Add a splash (around 15ml) of sugar syrup
Add 20ml of Vya dry Vermouth
Add ice
Give it a good shake
Strain through into your cocktail glass
Peel some lemon rind over the glass to allow the zest into the glass
as cutting
Place a little lemon twist in the glass

A great refreshing cocktail!

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Divine Gin Special (Episode 176 – Part 1)

We had the privilege of tasting a very special limited edition of oak-aged gin from the House of Divine.

Only 50 bottles of this very limited special gin have just been created by the House of Divine Gin.

The gin has been left standing in a Laphroaig oak barrel to create a drink that some would argue was a gin whilst others a whiskey.

In fact, it sits in between these two classifications as a unique taste all of it’s own.

For anyone that likes something special, this is for them, very limited and very special!

If it should become available you should be able to find it on Divines website, ( but I am sure if Ray does release this wonderful unique creation they will be snapped up faster than you can say “gone”!

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How do you make Gin? (Episode 175)

Ever wondered how you make gin?

Derek Harle, from the Spirit of Masham Distillery, explains how they make their fantastic craft gins right from demineralising the water to how they decide what should be bottled out of each batch they produce.

Let us have any questions this video might provoke we will be pleased, with Derek’s help to try and answer them.


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