Black Lodge Potion Cherry Chilli & Chocolate Gin (Episode 287)

In this episode of Gin Fun at WineMastery, we taste another great gin from the guys at Black Lodge Potions, their Cherry, Chilli and Chocolate Gin.

The colour of the gin is fantastic!

The colour is exceedingly difficult to describe as it straddles violet, purple, and cerise!

On the nose, you either get chocolate or cherry depending on your nose!

Whichever one you do not smell first the second flavour will soon make it’s presence known!

Taste-wise, this taste is so different from any gins out there.

The cherry and then chocolate came through and although we could not taste the chilli, we could feel the warming effect of the chilli.

The taste has a great length and hangs on in there.

The taste also develops as the seconds’ tick by.

John M felt this gin went beyond where he would normally expect a flavoured gin to go!

We tried mixing this gin with diet coke, cherry coke but felt, in our view, these mixers took away from the great taste of this gin when drunk neat.

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