Castle Hill London Dry Gin Review (Episode 288)

We recently interviewed Tom Clark the owner and distiller of Castle Hill Gin and a link can be found below to his interview where Tom explains the background to how his gin came into being.

In this episode, however, we just concentrate on tasting the gin, which is distilled in Huddersfield, a town in the county of Yorkshire in the north of England.

The gin is named after an area just outside the town of Huddersfield which has had settlements for more than 4,000 years.

The hill is clearly visible from most of Huddersfield and many of it’s surrounding areas and easily identified as in 1899 a tower was built on the hill to commemorate Queen Victoria’s 60 years reign (which occurred two years before the tower was completed).

The nose or smell of the gin has a genuinely nice and distinctive with an almost creamy smell.

On the taste, the creamy smell comes through on the flavour when tasting the gin. It also has a floral after flavour.

The gin although 40 per cent is exceptionally smooth with no burn whatsoever. When adding tonic, you get the taste of the tonic and then the taste of the gin kicks in.

0:00 Start

1:38 The Nose

2:57 The Taste – neat

5:02 The Taste with Tonic

6:51 Conclusions

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