Bathtub Gin (Episode 237)

We taste a very nice gin distilled in the South East of England, by Ableforth called Bathtub Gin.

The gin is named after the very old practice of topping gin bottles up with water and because of the height of the bottles, this was done in the Bathtub!

We did ask Ableforths where the somewhat unusual 43.3% alcohol content came from but they did not respond so the secret remains with them!





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Black Lodge Wild Strawberry & Pepper Gin (Episode 230)

We taste another fantastic gin from the Black Lodge Potion Gin stable.

This Gin looks good, smell good and absolutely taste good!

Great as a single shot, great as G&T with 50/50 proportions or, in our opinion, even better at 30% Gin and 70% Tonic as a very tasty refreshing drink for the summer in particular.



You can find out more about this fantastic gin at: –

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Royal Fox Old Tom Gin (Episode 218)

We have great pleasure in tasting yet another gin from the Royal Fox Distillery, this time their Old Tom Gin.

Old Tom Gin is slightly sweeter than “normal” London Dry Gin.

This Gin is superb, great taste, no burn, and has a great length as well as having an excellent after taste.

With tonic, John M felt that the sweetness comes out more John also felt that people that felt London Dry Gin was too dry, this gin would make an ideal choice.

Another great product from the Royal Fox stable.


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Royal Fox Navy Strength Gin (Episode 208)

In this Gin Fun episode, we taste a fantastic Navy Strength Gin made in the little town, Skelmanthorpe, just outside of Huddersfield, where the actress that currently plays Dr Who, Jodie Whittaker, grew up!

Navy strength means that in the days of wooden warships if a barrel of gin was to split open and spill onto the gun powder casks the gun powder would still ignite because of the high alcohol content (57% Proof)!

On the nose, when neat, there is a definite orange scent, on the palette, the orange comes through just as much. Also for a gin that is 57% proof the gin is very smooth and hardly burns the mouth and throat at all.

When tonic is added the orange scent is still there, hardly dissipated by the tonic water. John M detected more of an earthy scent with the tonic added. The tonic makes it a “spot-on” Gin and Tonic. The flavour is softened but not compromised!


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Whittakers Original Gin (Episode 204)

In this episode, we taste another Whittaker Gin, this time their original.

On the nose, the smell of lemon immediately shone through!

Neat the taste was spot on “classic” gin!

The tonic does make the gin much more subtle on the nose, but has it has a significant change on the taste, but still giving that quintessential gin and tonic taste.

In our opinion, this would make an ideal gin for someone just getting into gin or trying to! 🙂

This wine and the rest of their range can be found at: –



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Whittaker’s Navy Strength Gin (Episode 199)

In this episode, we taste a Navy Strength Gin created by Whittakers in North Yorkshire.
At 57% proof, this gin is so smooth.
It is a very complex gin in terms of taste with many flavours developing as you hold it in your mouth. Absolutely beautiful!
With tonic added the gin still holds it’s character, the tastes change slightly but it still tastes so delicious!

Well worth a try!




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Whittakers Winter Solstice Gin (Episode 202)

In this episode, we taste some more Whittakers gin. This time, having already tasted their Summer Solstice Gin, we taste their Winter solstice Gin.

On the nose, the fragrance is definitely of orange with John M getting a whiff of cinnamon.

On the taste with the gin just neat, Star of Anise and Cinnamon are present with the orange being only slightly detectable.

With tonic added the taste of winter and the holiday season still remains.


Take a look at their website by following this link: –



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Masham Rhubarb Gin (Episode 185 Part 4)

In the last part of this episode, we taste the Masham Rhubarb Gin.


The main ingredient of this gin is, of course, Rhubarb, but it also has some Rose and Ginger botanicals included which sound s like a great combination.

The colour was very vibrant, almost luminous!

This Gin is 42% ABV unlike some of the flavoured gins where the ABV can be as low 20%.

John L thought the gin smelt like stewed rhubarb prepared for Rhubarb pie and he could also just detect the ginger too.

The taste was terrific coming in several waves of full-on Rhubarb, then Rose and then the ginger taste comes through.

When drunk neat there is absolutely no alcohol bite.

For both us, when we added the tonic, it made the drink just too sweet for our taste, making this a drink that we would prefer neat.

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Whittaker’s Summer Solstice Gin (Episode 193)

In this episode, we taste Whittaker’s Summer Solstice gin.

On the nose, the grapefruit comes through and on the tongue, the taste is quite forceful.

The alcohol may be hiding some of the taste when drunk neat and when tasted with tonic the grapefruit smell seemed to have morphed into tangerines.

We both prefered this gin with tonic, making it smoother and the tonic brought out the tangerines taste together with making the gin “juicier” made the drink.

This is a great summer G&T!

Take a look at Whittaker’s website at

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Agnus Arber Gin (Episode 191)

In this episode of Gin Fun, we taste a wine named after Angnus Arber who im1948 became the first woman to win the linden Society Gold Medal. Agnus died in 1960 having produced an extensive library of books on both botany and philosophy.



It is with this appreciation of Agnus’s work that the creators of this the Agnus Arber Gin created their gin.

The nine botanicals used to create this gin are: –


John felt that some of the flavours mixed together to form a mushroom type taste.

There are lots of different tastes going on in this gin and which makes it very interesting to taste neat.

With tonic added the taste seem to be flattened to just the Orange and Junipers flavours – so for us, this one should be enjoyed neat!

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