Cumberland Saucy Gin (Episode 182)

We taste the Cumberland Saucy Gin.

The gin is a full-on gin which bites back with alcohol burn even though on the nose there was no suggestion of how strong it would taste.

However, after a few sips, the effect dies down enabling you to enjoy the taste more.

Although the gin has a very sweet smell that doesn’t come through when tasting.

We both enjoyed the gin more when the tonic was added, which seemed to allow the taste of the orange peel to shine through.


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Locksley Old Tom Gins (Episode 161 – Part 3)

In the third part of this episode, we taste three fantastic quirky Old Tom Gins from Locksley Distilling Company. The first is a Raspberry and Cardaman gin which is made up of Sir Robin of Locksley Gin infused with around 30 raspberries per bottle and then through a separate distillation of cardamom is added.
On the nose, the gin smells very sweet, maybe too sweet for John L’s tastes, but when tasted it was spot on.
With tonic added the drink became lighter and more refreshing.

The next liqueur gin we taste is Cynthia’s take on her Grandmother’s homemade Lemoncello. In homage, she has produced with John, her very special version made with Moro blood oranges.
This liqueur comes in at 27.1%, has a beautiful orange smell. The zest of the orange peel shines through and on the palate it does not it tastes fantastic, they only criticism that John M could come up with was that it would be far far too easy to drink!

Last but not least we tasted another Navy Strength Gin, 57.1%, that has been barrel-aged in a Banyuls cask. (Banyuls is a French dessert wine produced near the Pyrenees) There are only 300 bottles of this produced. The taste is very very special and deserves the respect of being sipped to enjoy all it has to give.



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Locksley Distilling Dry Gins (Episode 161 – Part 2)

In this episode, we taste some more fantastic dry gins, this time from the Locksley Distilling Company, the Sir Robin of Locksley Gin and their VSOT – Navy Strength, Old Tom Gin.
The Sir Robin of Locksley Gin sits somewhere in between an Old Tom Gin and a Dry Gin in sweetness terms and very nice it is too.
The gin was deliciously smooth when drunk neat and makes a very refreshing G&T.
The VSOT, at 57.5% is a beast of a Gin but still manages to be fantastically smooth and full of exciting flavours. The VSOT was so delicious neat that we both thought we would not enjoy it as much with tonic, but we were both wrong! We both enjoyed the G&T version just as much, this really is one to try if you have not already.





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Zing 72 Gin (Episode 180)

In this episode, we go a little further outside of our recent boundary of Yorkshire in the UK to France to taste Zing 72 Gin

72 comes from the 72 hours (3 days) maceration process used to create this Gin.

The gin uses 6 Provencal botanicals,

We let you know what we think of it in our video.

Take a look.

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Spirit of Masham – House Cocktail (Episode 178)

The Spirit of Masham proprietor and distiller Derek Harle takes us through how to make their Dry Martini House Cocktail.

Add 50ml of Marsala Spirit of Masham Gin to a cocktail Shaker
Add a splash (around 15ml) of sugar syrup
Add 20ml of Vya dry Vermouth
Add ice
Give it a good shake
Strain through into your cocktail glass
Peel some lemon rind over the glass to allow the zest into the glass
as cutting
Place a little lemon twist in the glass

A great refreshing cocktail!

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Divine Oak Aged Gin Cocktail (Episode 176 – Part 2)

In this short episode, we learn how to make a new cocktail based on a new gin just launched by The House of Divine.

This is a spectacular cocktail, created by Matt Stanley, that you can try with other gins if you can’t get hold of the very special Oak-aged Divine Special.

Pour 12.5 ml of Divine Raspberry Gin into a glass with ice.
Add 25ml of Divine Oak-aged Gin
Add 10ml of Red Vermouth
Add 4 dashes of Angostura Bitters
Add 2 drops of Aromatic Bitters
Add 10 ml of Creme de Peche
Give it a nice long stir (15 to 20 seconds) in the glass
Cut a slice of orange rind off an orange.
Pop a cherry into a fresh cocktail glass
Strain your cocktail from the glass you prepared it into the cocktail glass
Express oils from orange peels over your cocktail glass
Discard the orange peel and serve your cocktail – enjoy!

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Divine Gin Special (Episode 176 – Part 1)

We had the privilege of tasting a very special limited edition of oak-aged gin from the House of Divine.

Only 50 bottles of this very limited special gin have just been created by the House of Divine Gin.

The gin has been left standing in a Laphroaig oak barrel to create a drink that some would argue was a gin whilst others a whiskey.

In fact, it sits in between these two classifications as a unique taste all of it’s own.

For anyone that likes something special, this is for them, very limited and very special!

If it should become available you should be able to find it on Divines website, ( but I am sure if Ray does release this wonderful unique creation they will be snapped up faster than you can say “gone”!

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How do you make Gin? (Episode 175)

Ever wondered how you make gin?

Derek Harle, from the Spirit of Masham Distillery, explains how they make their fantastic craft gins right from demineralising the water to how they decide what should be bottled out of each batch they produce.

Let us have any questions this video might provoke we will be pleased, with Derek’s help to try and answer them.


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Spirit of Masham Gins (Episode 173)

In this episode, we have the absolute pleasure of visiting Carol and Derek at the Spirit of Masham Distillery.

Derek explains how and why they entered the Gin Distilling world.

He explains the ingredients and what makes their gin unique.

Their love for the Gin world prompted them to also start a Gin experience at their premises which not only gives you the history of gin but also lets you distil your own unique personalised gin with advice on what botanicals to add to get the desired taste you would like from the distillery’s distillers.

We then go on to taste Derek and Carol’s world-class gins.

To find out more about Masham Gins and their Gin School take a look at their website:-

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Divine Gin Cocktail (Episode 171)

In this short episode, we learn how to make a new cocktail based on The House of Divine’s Gin.

This is a spectacular cocktail, created by Matt Stanley, that you should already have the ingredients for at home.

Pour 50 ml of Divine Gin into a cocktail shaker
Add 25ml of St Germain
Add 35 ml of mixed Lemon and Lime Juice
Shake over ice
Pour all of the contents from the shaker into your cocktail glass
Garnish with Mint and an Orange Twirl
(or top and tail lemongrass and twist into the drink)
And Serve…



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