Yorkshire Gin

Harewood Greystones Gin (Episode 165 – Part 1)

In this episode, we taste another craft gin, this time a gin that has the majority of it’s botanicals taken from it very old and historic wall garden. The walled garden is part of the Harewood House stately home estate. Harewood House is one of the Treasure Houses of England.

To celebrate the wonderful produce from in and around the estate which has been produced for hundreds of years, the Harewood Food and Drink Project has been set up. This has resulted in, as well as many other wonderful products, the creation of Harewood Food & Drink Project’s Greystone Gin.

We were lucky enough to get Eddy, the Food and Drink Project Director to tell us all about the history of Harewood House and the creation of the Food and Drink project and this wonderful Gin.


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Whittaker’s Gin (Episode 163 Part 1)

We visit Whitakers Distillery in the beautiful rural countryside of North Yorkshire.

We discuss how they started their distilling journey some four years ago.

From the experiments in the kitchen through to getting a significant Rural Development grant to build their own custom made distillery, complete with it’s own neutral spirit distilling plant making it one, of only 12, distilling plants in the UK that can produce it’s own neutral spirit

We then taste some of the fantastic gins they produce.













To find out more about Toby and Jane’s wonderful gin take a look at their web site by following this link: – https://www.whittakersgin.com

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Addingham Fruit Liqueurs (Episode 156)


A lovely lady called Fiona Mann kindly sent us 4 of her lovely gin-based liqueurs.

All the fruits used in the production of these wonderful liqueurs are grown in the Yorkshire Dales, where Fiona’s distillery is based. Unfortunately, Fiona suffered a spinal stroke a few summers ago and producing these wonderful liqueurs has enabled her to give up her day job, which given her mobility was proving to be difficult, to solely concentrate on bringing these fantastic products to market.

The first gin-based liqueur we taste is a Rhubarb liqueur, which John M is slightly apprehensive about as he does not particularly like the taste of Rhubarb. However, on tasting John is very surprised to learn that he loves this liqueur!

The second liqueur is a Damson liqueur, and once again this another flavour that John normally does not enjoy, but when tasting this liqueur he really likes this liqueur. With tonic added he enjoys it as a long drink but would prefer to drink this particular liqueur neat!

Next, we try the Blackberry liqueur, which is Fiona’s personal preference. This liqueur has a little “tartness” to it with a sweet after taste. We tried this liqueur with tonic to stay consistent with the previous samples, but after tasting felt it would probably be better mixed with lemonade.

Finally, the last liqueur which is a blackcurrant liqueur, is full on, on the nose. A really powerful and fantastic bouquet. Again we paired this with tonic, but after tasting the mix we believe it could be better mixed with lemonade.


Collection Tasted Med Size

Collage Med Size

To take a look at Addingham Fruit Liqueurs Website: – Click here

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Rare Bird London Dry Gin (Episode 144 – Part 1)

We interview Matt the proprietor and distiller at Rare Bird Distillery about how he started the distillery.

The first part of the interview takes place in Matt’s Gin School and the second part where we taste Matt’s London’s Dry Gin in the distillery area in front of the copper still.

What a fantastic gin – you really need to try this one!



Rare Bird Gin Front


Find out more at Rarebird’s website:-

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Rare Bird Gin + Rhuburb & Ginger Gin (Episode 144 – Part 2)

Having just returned from tasting this wonderful gin with Matt the distiller ( https://youtu.be/eCdogUQFClA ) I return to the cellar to see what John thinks of it.

John is equally as impressed. Even though the gin is 42% ABV it has none of that burn and is incredibly smooth.

The gin has a power of flavour but the alcohol does not bite!

A great length to the gin with a floral after taste and a great overall complex taste.

When adding tonic John M felt he would enjoy it too much!

The London Gin moved into our top 5 gins.

The Rhubarb Gin while also at 42% ABV is incredibly smooth, once the tonic is added the full flavour of the Rhubarb is released.



Rare Bird Rhubaeb Ginger Gin 144 medium


Find out more about this great Gin, the distillery and their gin distilling school at:-

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Introduction to Divine Gin Episode (Episode 127)

We are really excited to share this episode with you as we revisit Divine Gine albeit in their new premises.

This first part we talk a little about divine’s journey since we last visited them.

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Mallinsons Brewing Company History (Episode 118 Part 3)

We talk to Tara and Elaine the founders of Mallinsons Brewery Company about how the brewery was born.

Tara and Elaine explain how their brewery was born from a discussion one Friday night in their local pub in 1983 about a dream to start a brewery.

They then go on to explain how the brewery grew into what it is today.

The passion just shines through from these two lovely ladies.



Find out more about their history and products at https://www.drinkmallinsons.co.uk/index.html

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Jacqsons Star Anise & Chilli Gin (Episode 118 Part 1)

We are back interviewing Jacqueline Dumigan from Jacqson Gins.

This time we are interviewing Jacqueline at Mallinsons Brewing Company with whom she has helped create their own Gin – Citra which we review in Part 2 of this episode.

In this part of the episode, however, we taste another fantastic gin from the Jacqson stable their Star anise and chilli gin.

What a fantastic flavour it produces too!

To find out where you can buy it visit Jacqson’s website at https://www.jacqson.co.uk/shop

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Cooper King Gin Review (Episode 112)

Following on from our visit to Abbie and Chris’s new distillery last year whilst the distillery was still in construction – take a look by following this link:- https://youtu.be/hUrSsNf0jWg – we had the great honour of being present at the official launch of the Copper King Distillery.

John & I taste their gin which has only become available this month.

The Gin lands itself easily in John and my top 3 Gins – not an easy list to get onto let alone get so high!

We also managed to get the opportunity, at the launch event, to get some of the other attendee’s views of this fantastic new gin.


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Ash’s Jacqson “5” Cocktail (Episode 103)

We held the tastings of Jacqsons Gin in a great Craft Gin and Beer Bar called the Krafty Kettle which can be found on the main street in Honley, their exact address being: –
13b Westgate,
West Yorkshire
Their special house cocktail based on Jacqson Gin is made up of the following: –
1.5 Shots of Jacqson Gin
0.5 Shot of Briottet Rhubarb
1 Shot of Sweet & Sour
1 Shot of Apple Juice
Cranberry Juice Float

The cocktail is expertly prepared for us in this video by Ash.


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