Royal Fox Navy Strength Gin (Episode 208)

In this Gin Fun episode, we taste a fantastic Navy Strength Gin made in the little town, Skelmanthorpe, just outside of Huddersfield, where the actress that currently plays Dr Who, Jodie Whittaker, grew up!

Navy strength means that in the days of wooden warships if a barrel of gin was to split open and spill onto the gun powder casks the gun powder would still ignite because of the high alcohol content (57% Proof)!

On the nose, when neat, there is a definite orange scent, on the palette, the orange comes through just as much. Also for a gin that is 57% proof the gin is very smooth and hardly burns the mouth and throat at all.

When tonic is added the orange scent is still there, hardly dissipated by the tonic water. John M detected more of an earthy scent with the tonic added. The tonic makes it a “spot-on” Gin and Tonic. The flavour is softened but not compromised!


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