The World’s Strongest Gin? – Anno Extreme 95 Strong Gin (Episode 271)

We wouldn’t recommend doing this at home, but we taste what is perhaps the strongest gin the world!

We started this review thinking this in would be a novelty.

However, we were in for a treat, this is not just a strong gin.

This gin has a great lemon flavour and if you like lemon in your G&T this will be a great gin for you.

Also, if you are taking the gin anywhere, on holiday, for example, this bottle is a lot smaller to pack and will provide you with a lot of GTs!

We wouldn’t recommend it, but we tried this gin neat, just because we taste every gin neat that we review.

We were incredibly surprised at how the taste lemon of shone through even with the extreme strength of the alcohol.

The light version of their G&T was very enjoyable as was their strong version.

This Gin is worth buying to try and Of course, will make a great talking point if you have friends you wish to share it with.

A delightful find.

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