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Espartero Joven Rioja (Episode 362)

One of our viewers, NPMsco, suggested we try Espartero Rioja Reserva, but while buying that we wine we also spotted this wine, Espartero Joven Rioja, the younger version – the Joven – translated from Spanish to English to “young”.

So before trying the wine recommended by NPMsco we thought we would give this one a go especially as it was priced at an incredibly low price of £4.49 For a young wine, the colour looks more aged than one would expect it to.

The nose, or smell, is very difficult to identify but it smells fascinating.

The taste, like the nose, is very difficult to identify.

John L detected blackcurrant whilst John M thought he could taste black cherry.

The wine had a great taste but did not taste like a Rioja to John M.

At the fantastic price of £4:49, the value of this wine is absolutely incredible!

It has our recommendation!
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