Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon (Episode 321)

We review another wine in our Cabernet Sauvignon series.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a grape the originated from crossing the Sauvignon grape and Cabernet Franc grape.

It started its existence in the Bordeaux region of France, before being grown very successfully around the world, although France still has the most land devoted to growing Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wine has a very deep purple colour. It has a great nose of black cherry with a hint of leather and mocha chocolate coffee.

The taste is full of fruit then the tannins cut in, to then recede quickly leaving you with the fruit taste again.

The wine which retails at around £8.50 is excellent value for money.

John M felt this would pair with a nice cheddar such as the Lincoln Poacher or a Fountains Gold.

John L felt that this wine would pair well with a decent quality burger.

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0:00 Introduction
3:21 The Colour
3:39 The Nose
5:16 The Taste
8:32 Pairing
12:44 The Score

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