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Kylie Minogue Rose Prosecco (Episode 339)

In this episode, we taste another celebrity wine, this time Kylie Minogue’s Rose Prosecco!

The colour is a rich salmon colour that sparkles because of the bubbles.

The nose is exceptionally light and delicate with a light strawberry sweet flavour.

The taste however is very pleasant indeed, and unlike the nose, there is a lot more strength to the taste without being heavy in any way.

The taste is full-on strawberry with the converts to more of a typical prosecco taste.

The taste is great, refreshing yet with a unique taste. Both John’s were very pleasantly surprised by the taste and thought it was a delicious wine for the price.

John L however scored this wine a full 9 points more than John M at 83!

0:00 Introduction
1:48 The Colour
2:35 The Nose
3:49 The Taste
7:13 Pairing
8:49 The Score
10:45 Conclusion

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