Italian Wine

Sacchetto Col de L’Utia Frizzante (Example 319)

In this episode, we taste a sparkly wine from Italy. It is the Col de L’Utia Frizzante, a wine with a slight sparkle to it, thus the Frizzante part of the name!

The colour is a nice hay colour.

On the nose, there is the delicate smell of pears.

When tasting the wine, it has a very delicate fizz effect that gives a slight tingle to the tongue and gums. in terms of fizz, it is halfway between a prosecco and still wine, or as John L put it if prosecco is the genie of the sparkling world, this Frizzante is the Tinkerbell.

The flavour is more of stewed apple than the pear it smelt of. The taste does not last for long, but it would be ideal for a party.

It is not over complicated just enjoyable and very very quaffable! It is such a fun wine!

For £7.99 this wine is exceptional value for money.

0:00 Introduction
1:46 The Colour
2:16 The Nose
3:03 The Taste
7:43 The Score

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