Locksley Old Tom Gins (Episode 161 – Part 3)

In the third part of this episode, we taste three fantastic quirky Old Tom Gins from Locksley Distilling Company. The first is a Raspberry and Cardaman gin which is made up of Sir Robin of Locksley Gin infused with around 30 raspberries per bottle and then through a separate distillation of cardamom is added.
On the nose, the gin smells very sweet, maybe too sweet for John L’s tastes, but when tasted it was spot on.
With tonic added the drink became lighter and more refreshing.

The next liqueur gin we taste is Cynthia’s take on her Grandmother’s homemade Lemoncello. In homage, she has produced with John, her very special version made with Moro blood oranges.
This liqueur comes in at 27.1%, has a beautiful orange smell. The zest of the orange peel shines through and on the palate it does not it tastes fantastic, they only criticism that John M could come up with was that it would be far far too easy to drink!

Last but not least we tasted another Navy Strength Gin, 57.1%, that has been barrel-aged in a Banyuls cask. (Banyuls is a French dessert wine produced near the Pyrenees) There are only 300 bottles of this produced. The taste is very very special and deserves the respect of being sipped to enjoy all it has to give.



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