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Cune Rioja Gran Reserva 2014 (Episode 329)

We review another Rioja in this episode, the Cune Grand Reserva which at the time of purchase was £12:00 – available from Sainsbury’s as part of their taste the difference range.

As a Gran Reserva, the wine has been aged for at least 5 years of which at least 2 would have been in oak casks.

The vineyard claim you should be able to detect hints of coffee, chocolate and tobacco.

So, what did we make of it?

The colour of the wine has a brownish hue and has a dark dense purple colour.

On the nose, the wine has a very subtle aroma and does not give up much at all.

The taste, likewise, does not give much up at all and is very one dimensional!

We were both very disappointed with our scoring of 70 reflects this!

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