Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Rose Wine (Episode 325)

In this episode, we taste and review another 19 Crimes Snoop Dogg wine, this time a Californian Rose.

This Snoop Dogg wine is priced at £24.99 putting this Rose is at the top of what one would expect to pay for a “normal” wine.

The colour is a beautiful strawberry colour.

The nose is full of strawberry notes with a hint of sweetness.

The taste sadly disappoints both our palates!

It would be fine for a £10 bottle, but in our view, the taste does not hit the £25:00 mark.

Maybe you will feel differently if you do, please let us know!

0:00 Introduction
3:23 The Colour
4:15 The Nose
5:08 The Taste
9:47 Pairing
10:48 The Score

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