French Wine

Kylie Minogue’s Sauvignon Blanc (Episode 333)

We taste another wine from Kylie Minogue’s wine label.

This time we taste a Sauvignon Blanc produced in France.

This wine retails in the UK at £9:00 which when compared to many Sauvignons on the UK market is quite expensive – will it be worth it?

The colour is a very pale straw with a hint of lemon.

The nose is typical of a Sauvignon Blanc with citrus and blossom notes but veering more towards a tropical fruit flavour than a very hard citrus flavour.

Taste-wise this wine is much less acidic than John L was expecting.

Both John’s could detect the taste of apple in the wine.

The taste has a reasonably long length.

We suggested trying Yorkshire fine fettle cheese with this wine and some white fish with a cream sauce.

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