Ashdown Rosé Wine (Episode 192 – Part 3)

This wine is a great salmon colour, on the nose or if you like, it has a smell of strawberries and cream!
It tastes of strawberries, but John M felt the wine does not have much length or put another way the taste does not last for very long.

Bluebell Vineyard Ashdown Rose

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Three Choirs Rose Wine in a Can (Episode 190 – Part 3)

In this the third part of the episode, we taste Three Choirs Rose in a can.

It has the smell of Toffee or, Tablet, for those of you that know that delicious Scottish treat!

This was John’s favourite of the first three wines in a can.

A very nice taste the description for which escaped us try as we may!

This was a great wine and well worth recommending to take with you to an event or garden party.



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Sampling Wines from Elizabeth Rose Wines Ltd (Episode 188 – Part 2)

In part 2 of this episode, we taste some of the fantastic wines that are available to buy from their website at 


The first wine we taste is from a small vineyard in the East Anglia (Essex) called Toppesfield Vineyard and is made from the Bacchus Grape.

The next wine we taste a Rose from Giffords Hall stable. This wine is made from Pinot noir and Madeleine Angevine grapes.

Next, we tasted a Woodchurch Classic Cuvee made from the same grapes that go into Champagne – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinoy Meunier.

Finally, we tasted a Red Wine from the Trevibban Mill on the North Cornwall Coast who try to be as organic as possible. This particular wine is a blend using Rondo and Dornfelder grapes.

Take a look at their great new website at












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Quinta da Casaboa Winery – Portugal (Episode 174)

Another episode from our visit to the 2019 London Wine Fair where we have the great pleasure to talk to Joana Paes the General Manager at Quinta da Casaboa Winery about her family’s wine produced just a way outside of Portugal’s capital Lisbon.

Joana is the General manager of her Family’s winery, having grown up in the winery is part of life. The vineyard is 50km outside of Lisbon and very near the sea which has a fantastic effect on the taste of the grapes.

Joana goes on to explain the grapes they grow in their vineyard and the types of wine that they produce.

To find out more about the wine please take a look at Joana’s company’s web site: –

Apologies for the photographs of the wine not appearing on the video, photographs will, however, be available shortly.


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Rose Wine from Spain (Episode 52 Part 3)

In the last part of this episode, we taste a Spanish Rose made from the 85% Grenache and 15% Tempranillo grape from the Rioja region.

The wine in question is the Conde Valdemar Rosado and what a beautiful specimen it turned out to be.

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Australian Rose Wine Tasting (Episode 52 Part 2)

In part 2 of this episode, we taste a Rose Wine from the Barossa region of Australia.

This Rose is created from the Grenache grape and what a beauty it is too.

This wine comes from Rogers & Rufus made us both smile and you can see from the video.

We mention in the video that we do not know the significance of the alcohol level at “Sea Level” so if you know please let us know by a comment below or by e-mail.

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Introducing our Rose Wine Episode (Episode 52 Introduction)

We quickly introduce this episode on Rose wine from around the world, specifically Portugal, Australia & Spain


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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Rose – Episode #28

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Rose – Episode #28  In this Episode we taste some wine produced by Hollywood’s A List celebrity couple Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. A Rose produce in Cotes de Provence ( A area of France just in from the Mediterranean coast near St-Tropez ) in partnership with a very renowned Provence winemaker – Marc Perrin. The wine, made from Cinsault, Grenache, Rolle and Syrah grapes, has achieved the accolade of being the only Rose wine to make Wine Spectator’s Top 100 of 2013 list coming in at 84! So does John believe it is as good as it is made out to be- take a look and find out….