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Kylie Minogue Rose wine Review (Episode 331)

In this episode, we taste another Kylie Minogue wine – Kylie Minogue Rose. Surprisingly, to us at least, another of her wines produced in France rather than Australia.

The colour has that beautiful salmon pink.

The nose is very light and delicate with a slight tropical fruit fragrance.

Likewise, the taste is very delicate with no discernable tannins reflecting the nose very closely.

This makes this wine ideal, it seems to us, for summer garden parties.

Whilst we purchased this bottle for £9.00 a bottle at the time of filming it was widely available for £7:00 a bottle which makes it excellent value.

John M suggested pairing this with a Delice de Cremiers cheese.

John L suggested this wine would pair well with a Chicken Salad or grilled white fish.

0:00 Introduction

1:12 The Colour

1:40 The Nose

2:51 The Taste

4:50 The Price

5:43 Pairing Cheese

6:01 Pairing with food

6:53 The Score

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