Kimbao Carmenere Gran Reserva (Episode 340)

In this episode we taste a Carmenere from Chile, but not just any Carmenere, a Carmenere gran Reserva, the Kimbao Carmenere Gran Reserva to be precise.

This was the first time that either John had tasted a Gran Reserva Carmenere and so were excited to get to the tasting.

The colour was delightful but disappointed John M as there was no purple rim.

The nose was extraordinarily complex, and John was surprised that he was only detecting dark chocolate and coffee and not any fruit.

Taste-wise however the wine was full of fruit although it was difficult to isolate the different fruit flavours that made up this delicious wine.

This is an excellent wine that you could just drink on its own without the need for any food to take any rough edges off.

If you did want to pair cheese with it John M suggested an Irish Cashel Blue.

John L suggests lamb if you were looking for a meal to pair with this wine.

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