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SL’M 500 Rose (Episode 299)

In this episode, we taste another wine from the SL’M wine stable, the SL’M Rose 500.

This bottle of Rose, made from Merlot grapes, is targeted particularly at those of us that are trying to lose some weight.

The “500” part of the title comes from the fact that this bottle of wine contains only five hundred calories in total.

In fact, the breakdown, for those of you on a diet is: –

Calories – 500 Calories per bottle

Sugars – Less than 0.1g

Total Carbohydrates – 0g

Gluten – 0g

Total Fat – 0g

Protein – 0g S

odium – 25mg

It is also Vegan certified!

So, the perfect glass of wine not to feel guilty about!

The colour of the wine is a, noticeably light, salmon colour with a little purple hint on the rim of the wine.

The nose is exceptionally light and delicate reminding John M of ice pops.

The taste, like the nose, is noticeably light and has some red fruit flavours.

Although light in taste, if one is on a diet the taste buds are likely to be more sensitive than both John’s taste buds as they are both used to more full-bodied wines and so may well be delightful.

This Rose will definitely provide someone on a diet with an excellent reprieve and possibly help them keep on the straight and narrow in following their chosen diet.

0:00 Start

3:08 The Colour

3:57 The Nose

5:18 The Taste

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