Dark Horse Chardonnay Wine Review (Episode 297)

We continue our journey of tasting different chardonnay wines from around the world with this episode where we taste a Dark Horse Chardonnay from California.

The colour of the wine is typical for a chardonnay with John M feeling it has a slight colour of honey!

The nose of this chardonnay is typical of chardonnay with lots of tropical fruit and even a hint of banana.

The taste is delightful and has a very reasonable length. It also has a nice, sweet edge.

This chardonnay is softer than some chardonnay and has a great mouthfeel.

We would pair this with wash rind cheese such as Pomledec or Munster Cheese, or if your supermarket does not stock these and you do not have an independent cheese shop close to hand, try a Camembert cheese.

In terms of a meal, we would suggest something like salmon. At £7.00 this wine is a steal!

This wine scored a very respectable 82.

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