Red wine

Gary Barlow Organic Red Wine Blend (Episode 330)

In this episode, we taste Gary Barlow’s, the internationally known solo singer, as well as the lead singer of the boy band, Take That, blended Spanish Organic Red Wine.

Gary loves good wine and has dreamed of creating his own wine – does he achieve his dream with this wine?

Whilst we felt the wine was reasonable value for £6:00, the discounted price it was purchased at, we felt it would be a little too expensive at it’s non discounted list price of £8:00.

Not a wine that would pair with many foods in our view, but at a price between £6:00 and £8:00 it may be worth you trying to see if you disagree with us – let us know if you do!

0:00 Introduction
2:03 The Colour
2:34 The Nose
3:22 The Taste
7:39 Pairing
9:30 Conclusion
9:57 The Score

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