Mahi Pinot Noir (Episode 244)

We taste another wine from John’s shop – Czerwiks in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

This wine is priced at £29.99 in John’s shop and can be found with the following link: –

The wine produced is in Marlborough, New Zealand, more famous for its Sauvignon Blanc production.

John L felt the colour, although more translucent than a tawny port, had that brownish hue to it, whilst John M felt it has more of a raspberry juice colour to it!

On the nose, the wine smelt very typically of that Pinot Noir scent which we often refer to a forest floor type of smell.

John M also detected a smokiness to the nose – smell.

The wine starts off with quite a sharp and spicy taste and then becomes juicier and tastes more of raspberry juice.

For a wine that’s taste last for a reasonable time or put another way has a reasonable length, this wine is incredibly light and refreshing.



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