Portuguese Wine

Flor de Sao Jose – White Wine (Episode 241)

In this episode, we taste another great wine from Lusus Wines the specialist Portuguese Wine website.

Lusus have sent us some great wines and this one does not disappoint. This wine is made from 3 grapes, Arinto, Rabigato and Gouveio.

Produced in the Douro valley where Port is produced.

The wine’s nose or smell reminded us of a light Pinot Noir.

The taste didn’t exactly match the scent or nose and left the two John’s slightly stuck as to how to describe it.

We, therefore, asked Clair and Alexis the proprietors of the website, to drop us a quick video to explain which they kindly did and we embedded, as you can see, their video into this episode.

This is a lovely wine to explore with your taste buds!




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