Pinot Noir

Woodchurch Pinot Noir Tasting (Episode 203 – Part 1)

In this first part of our episode on Woodchurch Wines, we taste their 2018 Pinot Noir.

There is a link to the interview with Graham at Woodchurch Wines where we also taste this wine. John L was so impressed with this wine, that not only did he ask Graham if it could be one of the wines I brought back with me for John to try, I also purchased a case for myself!

This Pinot Noir is lighter and fresher than a typical Pinot Noir but absolutely bursting with flavour.

John M totally understood why John L was so impressed by this Pinot Noir. In addition to the balance and taste of the wine, he felt it had one of the best Tannin balances he had ever tasted.

There were only 950 bottles of this wine produced so you need to act quickly if you are to stand any chance of buying some – take a look at the Vineyard’s website to see if they still have some in stock! (This wine is available from 30 November 2019)

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Woodchurch Vineyard & Wine Tasting Visit (Episode 200)

In this video, I get the great pleasure to visit Graham and Donna Barbour and find out all about their fantastic venture into the world of winemaking.

I discovered their wine when interviewing Sara and Becky at Elizabeth Rose Wines and was so impressed with their Classic Cuvee sparkling wine that I ask to pop down to see them so I could discover more!

I visited the vineyard right in the middle of grape picking so a very busy time for Graham and Donna.

Graham explains their journey into winemaking from a completely different career path starting back in 2009.

Graham explains how they decided what variety of grapes to grow and then goes onto explain how to know when to pick the grapes besides, lots, lots more.

While there I was excited to taste three wines with Graham – their Blanc de Blanc, their Chardonnay and their very special limited Pinot Noir edition.

I really enjoyed this visit I hope you enjoy the video!

Take a look at their website where you can order their wines directly from the “Cellar Door”




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Hungarian Budget Pinot Noir (Episode 116 Part 3)

In the last part of this budget Pinot Noir episode, we taste a budget Pinot Noir from Hungary.

Whilst not typical for a pinot noir it is well worth trying for those people who like white wine and are trying to find a red wine they can enjoy.



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Dom Maxwell’s Pinot Noir (Episode 115 Part 2)

In the 2nd part of this episode, we taste Dom Maxwell’s Pinot Noir. Dom was recently voted New Zealand WineMaker of the year and so our expectations were high.

And the wine did not disappoint!

A great wine for £11.99!


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A Cono Sur Chilean Pinot Noir from Tesco (Episode 114 Part 2)

In part 2 of this episode, we taste a Cono Sur Pinot Noir available from Tesco’s in the UK.

This Pinot Noir is significantly more complex than the wine tasted in Part 1, but is it worth the extra money?

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Chilean Estevez Pinot Noir from Aldi (Episode 114 Part 1)

In part 1 of this episode, we learn that you can chill Pinot Noir even if it is from Chile!

So having had some great wines from Aldi will this one be amongst them?

A typical “nose” for Pinot Noir and a taste that is unbelievable for the price of £4.49


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Oyster Bay Pinot Noir (Episode 111 Part 2)

In part 2 of this episode, we taste another New Zealand Pinot Noir.

This wine had a much more ruby colour than the Brancott Estate Pinot Noir in part 1.

The nose had more power and taste had more style and richness about it.

The tannins were extremely well balanced certainly the best so far in this episode.


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