Campo Viejo Blanc Rioja (Episode 334)

In this episode, we taste a white Rioja, the Campo Viejo Rioja Blanco

This wine is from a very large vineyard and is available throughout the world.

The colour is very light with a lemon hue.

This wine has a lovely aroma with hints of melon and floral notes.

Other tropical fruits also come through such as peach and apricots.

The taste however is not as full-on as the nose, but every note detected on the nose came through on the taste.

The taste however did not last very long (i.e. not much length).

This wine is very nice and at £8:00 not overprice although both Johns felt they had tasted better wines at £6:00.

John M suggest pairing blue cheese with this wine called Grand Noir and John L suggested in terms of other food either grilled chicken or white fish would go well with this wine.

Score wise John L scored at 71 driven by the price tag of £8:00 while John M scored at 75,

0:00 Introduction
2:09 The Colour
2:36 The Nose
3:24 The Taste
6:02 Pairing
8:07 The Score

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