Finca Vidales Blanco (White) Rioja (Episode 315)

We taste and review a white Rioja in this episode – the Finca Vidales White Rioja! White Rioja wine is made from the Viura grape.

It has a delicious great nose or smell.

It is exceedingly difficult to determine any fruit smells apart maybe from an edge of melon, nevertheless, it has a delightful nose.

John M did not enjoy the taste of the wine as much as John L!

John M found the taste to be a bit sharper than he would expect from a White Rioja and not as soft or rounded as he would have expected.

He felt it was a tad too dry.

John L suggested that with John’s view in mind, people who like Sauvignon Blanc would enjoy this wine, but people who prefer Chardonnay would not enjoying this wine so much.

Although John M thought the wine had a reasonable length, he did not like the taste that the wine left in his mouth.

At £8.00 from Naked Wines it is not too expensive, but perhaps a little too expensive for those that just want to take a chance on it?

0:00 Introduction
3:40 The Colour
4:15 The Nose
5:21 The Taste
8:59 Pairing

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