Jam Shed Chardonnay (Episode 303)

We continue with our series on Chardonnay wines with this episode where we review Jam Shed’s Chardonnay.

Jam Shed have quite a devoted following for their style of Jammy Red wines so it will be interesting to see what they have done with the Chardonnay Grape.

The colour is a deep yellow, not as golden as many of the chardonnays we have tasted, and the green hue is missing which again has been present on other chardonnays we have recently tasted and reviewed.

John L smelt a similar smell to the one he associated with matchwood. It does not smell like a typical chardonnay which, of course, is not necessarily a problem.

The taste seems to be one of a muted chardonnay and John M detected a sweetness he would not expect from chardonnay, and which was a characteristic he did not personally like.

John L detected a little bit of acidity at the back of the mouth which he felt offset the sweetness that John M referred to.

John M would match this wine with a St. Agur cheese.

John L felt this wine would pair with Fish and Chips with Salt and Vinegar on which John M felt would be an interesting pairing.

John L also suggested that it might also pair with a Chinese sweet and sour dish.

The score from John L was 78 and only 69 from John M who felt it was too sweet for his taste.

One thing they did both agree on however was this wine was yet again exceptional value at only £7:00.

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1:37 The Colour
2:40 The Nose
3:50 The Taste
7:38 Pairing
10:18 The Score

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