Keeping Wine Fresh after Opening Bottle – WineSave Pro Test Review with Trivento Malbec

Want to stop having to waste wine that goes off before you finish the bottle?

Keeping your wine fresh can be a challenge but we think this device sorts it!

In this episode, following our interview with Alex Longman of WineSave Pro, we try out his great wine saving device.

We opened a bottle of Trivento Malbec to review it (Episode 279) and then about one hour later we added some WineSave Pro Argon gas to the bottle and screwed the cap back on.

Two weeks later we opened the bottle and tasted the wine.

Not only was the wine perfect to drink, but it also even seemed better than when we reviewed it two weeks earlier.

We assumed that this was because the bottle had been left open to breathe before we added the gas.

This device is an excellent addition to your wine cupboard to prevent any waste of wine.

If you have an expensive bottle that you do not want to drink all in one sitting this will allow you to keep the wine for weeks afterwards to enjoy at your leisure.

It also allows you to open two, three or more wines so that you can do a back-to-back tasting and then drink the bottles at your leisure.

The cost of adding the argon is around GB £0.20p (US $0.26c)

If you would like to find out more look at WineSave’s website where you can order directly or find a local reseller.


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